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The Indian Rupee sign

The Indian Rupee Sign (₹) has been supported in the Ubuntu Font Family since version 0.69. This was included in the Ubuntu 10.10 operating system release. Ubuntu 10.10 is the first operating system to ship with out-of-the-box support for displaying the Indian Rupee Sign, and this happened on 10 October 2010 (2010-10-10).

To display the sign, you must have a font—such as the Ubuntu Font Family—with support for the character. For K/Ubuntu 10.10 users, this is automatic.

The sign can be inserted in your own documents using copy-and-paste from another location, or using the Unicode-entry method:

  • Ubuntu 10.10: <Ctrl-Shift-U> 2 0 b 9, then <Enter>
  • MS Windows: Press-and-hold <Alt> 2 0 b 9, then release <Alt>
  • Kubuntu 10.10: Copy-and-paste ''
  • HTML: insert "&#x20b9;"

The designer

The original designer of the Indian Rupee Sign is who was awarded the prize on by the Indian Government. The codepoint at U+20B9 was assigned by the Unicode consortium on .

The glyph for the Ubuntu Font Family was contributed by on . Version 0.69 of the Ubuntu Font Family was uploaded on . This hopefully demonstrates the advantage and speed possible when using open development.